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Hotel locks with access cards

The locks
for new and already existing door
have an ITB certificate
for use with
fire rated class doors

Basic features:

No wiring required for the locks. Programming of touch cards opening
the rooms uses a reader connected to a standard PC (at the reception deck)

  • the electronic system unlocks the handle after touching the access card to the reader
  • access card programming for specified time frame for a given room (e.g. one card opens the room no. 101 from Monday 9:00 to friday 16:00).
  • access cards can be re-programmed many times.
  • possibility to create access cards to open many rooms: "room service access card"
  • powered by 4 AAA batteries
  • battery lifetime, more than 1 year - 10 000 uses
  • signaling on opening
  • lock insert with anti-burglary protection
  • possibility to assign several access levels
  • possibility to open with a mechanical key in an emergency
  • depending on version, up to 200 items in event history
  • grant addidional functions to the hotel quest's access card, e.g open the front gate or access the SPA area
  • possibility to register payments made, e.g. at the hotel bar and make settlements with the hotel quest e.g on checking out
  • if the reception desk is not open 24/7, possibility to open the outside doors after working hours (requires to use an external card reader at the entrance doors)
  • and many other functions, depending on your needs

The main and most important software feature is its simple operation. The system can be deployed both in small
boarding houses, sanatoriums and resorts with over 500 rooms.
Possibility to integrate with accounting software and online booking software.

Possibility to install Smart locks to doors with standard locks equipped with keys in currently operating hotels.

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